Why Americans have been inspired by enlightening quotes and autonomous saying.

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The effect of technology in the world is something that we can't dismiss. That is why there is a widespread demand on both the Positive and negative quotes about technologies. This Is Particularly True among the citizens of the United States of America.

The latest statistics collected from giant search engines on the internet has revealed the obvious fact that one of the most searched information by the Americans is none other than the Famous bill gates tech quotes. As a leader of the nation in the technological field, this pioneer has become a massive inspiration for the majority of the taxpayers of America. However, what most Americans are not aware is the fact that the effect of technology can appear as positive or as a negative effects.

It's there become really noteworthy to take into consideration both the constructive and negative quotes about technologies. This is because of the fact of the issue that when an American is just conscious of the positive effects, they will get sucked to the massive hole of technological addiction including activities like addiction to gaming, living a life on social media independently, misuse of the information on the internet, excessive hacking into other people's lives, and so on and so forth.

One of the biggest dilemma that the Americans are experiencing right now at this moment in time is none other than the technological progress in terms of the social networking. With giant social networking platforms such as those of Facebook and Instagram, it is said that more and more people are preferring to live their own lives online rather than the real world. Besides the impact in their social lives, it also adversely affects their physical health. This is because excess use of computers is bad for the eyes and for the entire body.

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